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Uni-Automation has state of the art testing facilities which are used for various products. 
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Life Test at room temperature:

Automatic test rig for testing rotational life of the product for million cycles at room temperature with/without continuous monitoring, cycle count and facility for multiple parts testing at a time.

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Thermal Shock Testing:

-70°C to +150°C thermal shock with auto-transfer facility within 3 seconds and automatic cycle count setting as well as adjustable soaking time. Number of shocks can be pre-set as per requirement and does not require human intervention till end of the test.

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Environment Chamber:

-40°C to +150°C temperature cycle setting with variable gradient and number of cycles. There is also a facility for rotating the parts to conduct a combined environment-up to 100% humidity combined with temperature variation and life test. Advanced facility for capturing and recording noise up to desired lifecycles.

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Dither Test:

Short stroke, high-frequency dither test to simulate engine vibrations. Can be conducted up to 100 million cycles.

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High Voltage Test:

Testing facility up to 1500 VD Linearity measurement test rigs for potentiometers High temperature storage test ovens up to 140°C

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Tailor made solution

Ability to undertake customized projects based on the specific requirements.

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We provide a wide array of Usable & Flexible Features

Exhaustive Range

Exhaustive range of Industrial and Automobile grade products


ISO & TS certification

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In house class 10,000 clean room for conductive plastic ink mixing and printing

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A strong dealer network throughout India as well as International market

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Customer roster comprising of world-renowned companies

Strategic Leadership

Strategically located sister concerns for R&D and logistics purposes in Switzerland and Singapore